Battery Model I
1.28kwh portable energy storage system
Model No. SP-PS4020B
Technical Parameters
Battery Category Li-ion Battery Lithium Iron phosphate
Battery Capacity 1.28kwh
Battery Type 12.8V100Ah
Rated charge-discharge ratio 1C Peak charge-discharge ratio 2C(30S)
Output Voltage 12.8V System Dimension (mm) 255*165*210
System Weight 12kilogram Capacity conversion rate 99%
Operation temperature (℃) 0℃ ~ 60℃ Discharge temperature (℃) -20℃ ~ 60℃
Charging temperature (℃) 0℃ ~ 55℃ Cycle life 2000 Cycles
AC Charge
Max Voltage 14.6V Working Voltage 10V ~ 14.4V
Batteries Cell Models IFP23140160(LFP)
The Maximum Power 1200W
Certification CE、 Rohs、 UN38.3、 UL

12.8V Lithium Battery
Please follow and understand these instructions before using, failureto do so can cause the battery to fail. Is it strictly prohibited to disassemble battery. Inside the battery are electrolytes. These electrolytes can be a skin and eye irritant. Don't touch battery directly if you see any liquid on the battery.

Do's and Don'ts

  • Do not cross the polarity of the battery.
  • Never plug the battery directly into 240V mains power.
  • Do not open the casing. Do not throw, squeeze, puncture, strike, contort, heat, burn, or disassemble battery.
  • Keep children and animals away from water. Battery operates best if kept above 12.8V.
  • Can connect in parallel up to 4 batteries. When connecting in parallel all batteries voltage must be the same before connection. When charging do not exceed 15V input.
  • A battery charger with cut out of 14.7V and under is required.
  • Do not use this battery with lead acid battery of other brand battery.
  • Exposure to sunlight can increase discharge rate of battery. If battery shows any shape change, color change or any liquid seeping from battery terminal screws are corroded, be careful not ot bend the terminals when tightening or loosening
  • Do not short-circuit the battery by directly connecting the positive and negative terminals together or with metal conductive objects.

Do not transport the battery together with matal objects that are conductive. When connecting a load to a battery bank in parallel please follow the wiring diagram provided in this document.


Storing the battery when not using it Long-time stoage in a hot or wet environment will damage the battery. The battery should be stored in dry and ventilated environment. The ideal storage temperature is below 25℃ if stored this way it will extend the battery life. If the storage temperature surpasses 55℃, the battery can be damaged. Cuando la batería se almacena durante más de 50 días, la capacidad de almacenamiento de carga preferida debe estar entre el 70% y el 80%, lo cual debe ser una lectura de 13V. Putting a charge into the battery every three month will prolong the battery life.

  • The battery should always be carefully handled.
  • Don’t throw battery and avoid squeezing it, i.e Do not pack heavy objects on top of the battery. Battery is robust and should be able to handle light off-road bumps.
  • Ensure the battery is in a secure spot where it cannot be punctured.
  • Do not store battery with flammable, explosive goods of sharp metals.
Battery Model 2
Charging Pile & Battery Power Conversion System
Charging Pile & Battery Power Conversion System